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In news land, it's time for the annual best-of lists, year-end roundups, and food trend predictions for the year ahead. You'll find a few of those in this issue along with surveys of how the pandemic completely reshaped the food world from farming and food processing to restaurants and home cooking. And it reshaped our waistlines.

But maybe you're more interested in a deep dive. Maybe you want an answer to the most vexing question of the past 30 years: Why in the world did McDonald's change the recipe for its completely delicious French fries? Find out, along with the original recipe below. You can also see why restaurant servers and bartenders will soon be sharing their tips with cooks and dishwashers, thanks to a new Labor Department rule.

And get ready for lab-grown chicken! A lucky few recently tasted the world's first cultured chicken in Singapore, and the manufacturer is seeking U.S. approval. But the FDA has more important things to worry about, like salad dressing. After 70 years of regulating French dressing, the FDA wants to stop telling food manufacturers what needs to be in the bottle.

Yes, 2020 has been a crazy year: price fixing in the peanut world, sexual harassment in the elite wine world, and celebrity chef David Chang won $1 million on the TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. As if he needs it. The good news: Chang gave it all away to support struggling restaurant workers. More good news: Chefs have found a new place to serve meals while their restaurants are closed and it's too cold for outdoor dining. You guessed it: Vacant hotel rooms! Have any other ideas for keeping your favorite restaurant from going under? Drop me a line at [email protected]. Happy New Year!




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