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As America’s biggest food holiday approaches, let’s all give Thanks for 2020 coming to a close in a few weeks. And for the new bacon-scented beer from Waffle House. If anything can help us through this next decade, it’s a 6.5% red ale called Bacon & Kegs.

And there's some great news in the world of American barbecue: 83-year-old pitmaster Desiree Robinson was inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame, the first Black woman to receive the honor. Good on ya, Desiree. Plus, José R. Ralat, the Taco Editor at Texas Monthly (dream job!), just released his sprawling guide to the state's many styles of tacos from carnitas and costra to trompo and West Indian. Hellz yeah.

Let's give Thanks, too, for the 20-pound turkeys that survived Thanksgiving this year. It seems small birds are in demand during lockdown. And if you ever wondered why the holiday bird smells so good, roasting away in the oven with alluring aromas of crispy browned skin, Harold McGee has the answer in his new book on the fascinating science of scent.

Lastly, I need to apologize about two other science guys in our previous issue: Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil. We had a snafu with our ads and these two TV doctors showed up before we could filter them out. Sorry about that. We fixed the problem, and you should see no more ads for things like snake oil, Russian sexbots, or political candidates. If you do, please let me know at [email protected]. Or feel free to drop me a line telling me what you're feasting on this Thanksgiving. I'm going with duck. It's smaller, juicier, and tastier than turkey. I'm letting a few of my old traditions evolve this year. Happy Thanksgiving!




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