USDA farmers to families diagram

Photo Source: ( USDA )

USDA Adds $1 Billion To Farmers To Families Food Box Program

Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture was given an additional $1 billion to its program redirecting surplus food from farmers to families in need. The Farmers to Families Food Box program purchases food directly from farmers who typically would be supplying restaurants, most of which are now shut down or operating at reduced capacity. The program delivers the redirected food to millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet as a result of furloughs and joblessness caused by the pandemic. In July, Reuters reported that the government had not delivered its promised amount of food by the end of June as part of the roughly $3 billion program announced in April. The latest infusion of funds helps meet the stated goals of the Agriculture Department, which plans to finish purchasing roughly $2.7 billion of food by the end of August, according to the USDA website. On Monday, the White House said that the program had delivered more than 70 million boxes of food to food banks and nonprofit organizations to date. Even though it is getting closer to meeting its objectives, the program has been criticized by food banks, market analysts, and some U.S. senators, who say that contracts were often given to inexperienced vendors who could not source and deliver the food efficiently. Read more here at Reuters.

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