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Let's play a game. Here's a quick quiz on this month's food news. Answers (and links) below.

Q1: Which cooking oil has the highest smoke point?

Q2: Which ice cream flavor fell from #1 in the US to not even breaking the top 10?

Q3: Does coffee grow in California?

Q4: Does red wine have heart-protective effects?

Q5: Will cell-cultured meat hit grocery stores soon?

Q6: How many Irish and UK restaurants did Michelin award stars to recently?

Q7: How many years old is the Roman egg that scientists recently discovered still has liquid inside?

A1: Algae oil A2: Chocolate chip A3: Yes A4: No A5: No A6: 25 A7: 1700

Thank you for playing. Also, RIP Bob Moore (founder of Bob's Red Mill natural food products) and David Bouley (influential chef of nouvelle cuisine at Montrachet and Bouley), two leading lights of the food world.




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