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Tired of seeing high food prices? So is the Federal Trade Commission. A recent FTC investigation found that major grocery chains began price gouging during the pandemic and have kept prices unnecessarily high ever since. Go FTC! Strong-arm those fat cats into making everyday food affordable again! Or maybe you're tired of your old cookbooks? Find some inspiration in this spring's crop of new cooking titles, featuring everything from tropical island food to dishes made with bourbon. Here's one ingredient you may not have considered cooking with: ants! A team of San Diego food scientists can help light the way with their recent discovery that black ants contain bright, lemony aroma compounds; chicatana ants bring fatty, nutty, roasted flavors to foods; and weaver ants contain sweet, caramel-like flavor compounds. Perhaps you prefer good-old pork chops and bacon? If so, you'll love the cooking of Janaína Torres, who was just named the World's Best Female Chef. Torres runs A Casa do Porco restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil, a temple of appreciation for all things porcine. Finally, if you're looking to improve your own powers of flavor perception, you may want to undergo sommelier training. Scientists have found that learning to taste and describe various types of wine reshapes the brain's chemosensory acuity. Who knew? Pardon me while I pour a glass of pinot to improve my brain function! —Dave Joachim



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