Anty Gin bottle

Photo Source: Courtesy of Disgusting Food Museum

Squirrel Beer And Ant Gin Featured In “Disgusting Food Museum”

If you’re in Malmö, Sweden, and like odd museum exhibits, stop by the Disgusting Food Museum. From September through December this year, the museum is featuring strange alcoholic beverages from around the world, including gin made with ants from the UK, Korean wine made with human poop, and whale testicle beer flavored with smoked feces from Icelandic sheep. “We have found the strangest, most interesting and challenging alcohol types from the world,” said museum director Andreas Ahrens. “Some of the exhibited alcohols showcase different types of homemade alcohols going back thousands of years, while others are experimental, made by local brewers.” Poop wine is a traditional Korean remedy, while the strongest beer in the world is a more recent concoction from Scotland. Most beer has about 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), but the new Scotch beer boasts 57% ABV. Anty Gin, the world’s first gin to be made with insects, is also on display in the exhibit. Each bottle is steeped with about 62 red wood ants and according to Cambridge Distillery, the ants lend “sharp citrus notes” the gin. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the museum does not permit guests to taste the beverages. Read more here at Live Science.

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