Loop reusable cup

Photo Source: McDonald’s

McDonald’s Tests Reusable Returnable Coffee Cups

Early next year, McDonalds in the U.K. will offer customers the choice to buy beverages with reusable plastic cups and lids that are later sterilized for another customer. McDonalds is the first food service company to partner with Loop, a company that created a system of reusable packaging for consumer products such as ice cream and shampoo. The pilot program will determine whether or not Loop is effective in the fast food sector. Most McDonald’s restaurants in the U.K have already started to recycle paper cups and deliver them to recycling centers. With the new Loop program, customers who use a reusable cup pay a small deposit, and if they stay in the store, they can leave the cup in a Loop bin and get their deposit back. If customers leave with the cups, they have the option of returning the cup another day or returning it to another Loop site. Loop brings the cups to a cleaning facility to be sterilized and hygienically sealed. Then the cups are returned to the restaurant. McDonald’s had already partnered with another reusable cup company, ReCup, in Germany. The Loop pilot program hopes to capitalize on ReCup’s success and expand the reusable cup program internationally. Read more here at Fast Company.

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