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If you discovered $1.6 million worth of inventory missing from your business, how would you break the news to your boss? That's what a sommelier at La Tour d'Argent, one of France's most historic restaurants, grappled with last month upon discovering that 83 rare bottles were unaccounted for in the wine cellar. Elsewhere in the restaurant world, Mexican food can now be found at 1 in 10 US restaurants, according to a new Pew Research Center study. Who doesn't love a taco? Just watch what you wash it down with: another study from Columbia University found that popular brands of bottled water contain nearly 250,000 potentially harmful nanoplastics per liter. Yikes. Those bottled waters include PepsiCo brands, which were recently pulled from the shelves of France's largest grocery chain due to, not health concerns, but price gouging. It seems even the French government is now tired of rising food prices. Thankfully, there's still one food item that sells for less than its actual cost: Kobe beef croquettes. Yep. You can buy a box of A5 Kobe beef for only $18.20. You'll just have to wait 43 years to receive it.

—Dave Joachim



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