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I came across some obscure news stories this month, including a 36-course dinner in Seattle with a Wu-Tang clan theme and a recipe for dandelion jam. But newsletter space is limited, so I focused below on more hard-hitting news, such as the return of competitive cheese rolling to the British sporting calendar. 🤣 The videos of flailing arms, legs, and heads are worth the watch. But seriously, some important news this month: the USDA has allocated $2.1 billion to combat skyrocketing food prices and chronic food shortages. Researchers have discovered a way to transform plastic waste into vanilla flavoring. And sensory scientists are beginning to unravel the mysteries of COVID and smell loss. Plus, it's award season in the food world. The James Beard Awards, UK Guild of Food Writers Awards, and "World's Best" Awards were all doled out this June. Congratulations to the winners!

-Dave Joachim




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