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It's not every day that a new pasta shape comes along. But podcaster Dan Pashman's dislike of spaghetti drove him to create a new, more pleasing shape he calls cascatelli (waterfalls). If you try it, maybe toss the pasta with a creamy, fatty sauce and serve it with a big Barolo wine. Trust me: it will work. Scientists have finally explained the mysteries of why fatty foods pair so well with bold red wines. Or maybe you're more of a whisky lover than a wine lover. In that case, have you ever wondered, just what is Japanese whisky? A new set of regulations helps to set the record straight. (Hint: it's like Scotch, from Japan). But the big news this month is in the restaurant industry. American restaurants are finally getting some financial relief from the pandemic bludgeoning: The new federal stimulus package includes $28.6 billion in government grants, most of it specifically earmarked for smaller restaurants. As our favorite places reopen, let's hope they're able to get all the ingredients they need. A shipping container shortage is wreaking havoc on the food supply chain. Food shortages are unlikely, but if another giant cargo ship gets stuck in the Suez canal, who knows? The past year has been a major stress test of food systems around the world. Thankfully, there is mounting evidence that the pandemic is actually strengthening global food systems not weakening them. Some other good news: mayonnaise is helping to heal endangered sea turtles in Israel. Who knew? Could 2021 be the year that mayo gets a health halo? Stranger things have happened.




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