restaurant worker with face shield

Photo Source: Dapiki Moto

1 In 6 Restaurants Has Closed, Says National Restaurant Association

Since the start of the pandemic, the restaurant industry has experienced 100,000 closures, according to a new survey from The National Restaurant Association. That’s one in six restaurants. As of now, 40% of restaurateurs say it’s “unlikely their restaurant will still be in business six months from now if there are no additional relief packages from the federal government,” according to the report. “Across the board, from independent owners to multi-unit franchise operators, restaurants are losing money every month, and they continue to struggle to serve their communities and support their employees,” said Tom Bené, president and CEO of the Association. Bené has since sent a letter to Congress aiming to secure additional relief, as funds tied to previous federal support programs have now run dry. From March through July, the foodservice industry has lost $165 billion in revenue, and 60% of operators say their restaurant’s total operational expenses (as a percent of sales) are higher than they were prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Get the full story here at Nation’s Restaurant News.

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