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Apologies for the late food news this month. I've been on vacation! While I was away, a London neuropsychopharmacologist unveiled his new synthetic alcohol, Alcarelle, that purports to get you buzzed without the hangover. Thanks Dr. Nutt — I could've used that while I was downing cocktails like water on vacation! 😬 There were some developments in the BBQ world, too: boxy rotisserie-style smokers are apparently edging out traditional barrel-shaped offsets, especially in Texas. Go figure. Speaking of smoke, the classical Thai combo of aromatic smoke and sweet desserts has resurfaced, now with a twist from Modern Thai chefs. Bring on the smoky sweets. One thing I'm not as crazy about is a new surcharge on restaurant checks: up to 4% for using a credit card. Now, it's gonna cost me to rack up those airline miles! But I get it. Times are hard for eateries everywhere. It beats raising menu prices. Finally, in my lifelong quest to eat well without dying from it (thanks, Jim Harrison), a single vegetable has hereby been deemed the world's healthiest, the ultimate superfood, the one veg to rule them all, according to the CDC. No, it's not kale. Scroll on to discover this magical überfood!

—Dave Joachim




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