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This summer is breaking heat records everywhere, particularly in Texas. Take a peek inside Louie Meuller's famous Texas BBQ restaurant to see how pitmasters endure 130ºF pit rooms day in and day out. Feeling oddly sick after eating your favorite BBQ brisket or any meat? You may be among the half a million Americans who now have a meat allergy linked to lone-star tick bites, according to the CDC. Yeesh. As if we need another new disease. Thankfully, Salmonella poisoning may soon become less common: researchers recently developed meat packaging that can warn consumers of Salmonella contamination. Meanwhile, in the upper echelons of the restaurant world, Michelin just released its California guide, adding six new restaurants to the Michelin-starred ranks. Congrats all! And around the country, it appears that restaurant diners now order more cocktails than beer, according to data from the Distilled Spirits Council. Chalk it up to the pandemic and the taste that Americans developed for to-go cocktails, now legalized in 16 states. If you're among the converts, you may have recently sipped a cocktail crafted with fat-washed booze. Say what? Yes, it's rich, delicious, and makes a mean old-fashioned. Learn how to create your own fat-washed bourbon at home right here. It's simple. Cheers!




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