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Before we get into this month's issue, here's what didn't make the cut: Saveur magazine is coming back in print! That's good news for food lovers. Also, here's a twisted tale of rare Japanese Kit Kats worth $250,000 that were hijacked en route in a whole new level of porch piracy. What did make the cut? Yes, there are shiny new lists of Michelin-star restaurants in big US cities, the year's best new cocktail bars, best new cookbooks, and best new restaurants that Michelin didn't visit. But among the listicles you may have missed that a cookbook, Prison Ramen, is one of the most banned books in America. That Wisconsin has declared the Brandy Old Fashioned to be its official state cocktail. That half the country has shifted plant hardiness zones, according to the USDA. And that pasta and rice may actually be healthier when eaten as leftovers. Guess the food world still has a few surprises up its sleeves. Happy Holidays! —Dave Joachim




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