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With Memorial Day come and gone, it's officially BBQ season. And time for a little quiz: What destination in China is sometimes more crowded than the Great Wall? Answer: Zibo, China's self-proclaimed "Barbecue Experiential Ground". Check it out if you're a die-hard BBQ lover. Question #2: How much water should you add to whisky to "open up the flavors"? Answer: <20%, according to the latest research. Question #3: What is the best bar in America? Answer: Double Chicken Please in NYC. Question #4: Where are those wonders of food science known as MREs developed? Answer: A fascinating military lab in Natick, Massachusetts. Question #5: Who holds the Guinness World Record for longest cooking session ever? Answer: Nigerian chef Hilda Bassey just cooked for 100 hours straight, setting a new record. Bonus Question: In US restaurants over the past year, how much change has there been in QR-code menu use? Answer: minus 27%. Thank you for playing—and hope you enjoy this month's food news!

—Dave Joachim

Correction: In the last issue, I hastily referred to Czechia as Czechoslovakia, which it hasn't been since 1993. 🤦‍♂️ Thanks to Jakub Lutter for catching the error.




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