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March is a tumultuous month. There's madness on basketball courts. Green beer in bars. Whiskey fungus on wedding venues. And storms rage across America. Some storms even jeopardize summer crops such as strawberries. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, Swiss chocolate Toblerone can no longer display its symbols of "Swissness.". Amid this madness, some harbingers of spring appear: a fresh crop of cookbooks, the James Beard Award finalists, and the promise that chemists will finally answer the age-old question that's plagued beer lovers for decades: Bottles or Cans? Yes, poultry and egg prices remain high due to the ongoing bird flu, but the USDA is testing a poultry vaccine that may ultimately stabilize those prices. And restaurant recommendations are now better than ever, since ChatGPT partnered with Open Table. Plus, the USDA is finally revising its country of original labeling laws so that "Product of USA" on meat labels will mean that the animals were actually raised in the US and not raised elsewhere but only the meat processed here. These are positive developments, no? Welcome to the season of hope. —Dave Joachim




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