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Predictably, the year-end food news is full of best-of roundups from cookbooks to restaurants. Google also showed us what recipes we searched for most in 2022. You'll never guess which was #1 (hint: it's a sauce). Of course, the year's end also brings a bevy of predictions for foods, flavors and beverages we'll crave next year. Will any of these forecasts come to pass? That's as debatable as whether the FDA will separate its food safety program from its drug safety program. Inside tip: an expert panel highly recommends it. Here's one sure thing: McDonald's has opened is first automated location, where you can grab a Big Mac and fries off a conveyor belt without any human interaction. Here's another: the EU has blocked imported coffee, beef, and soy that's linked to deforestation. One more: Yale scientists have identified a single neuromarker for both food and drug cravings. Maybe that discovery sheds light on the FDA's reluctance to separate food from drugs. It seems our brains don't make a big distinction between the two, so why should our government? Stay tuned in 2023, when these and many more food mysteries will continue to be unraveled. Happy New Year! -Dave Joachim




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