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If you like cooking, you'll love this Fall's bumper crop of new cookbooks. Critic Paula Forbes guides you through the good stuff. Or maybe you're getting back into restaurants these days? If so, check out Food & Wine's 34th class of Best New Chefs in America. Oh, you're in Canada, eh? Then have a look at the country's first ever Michelin Guide and its 13 newly starred restaurants, mostly in Toronto. Just think twice about ordering Maine lobster, now on the "avoid" list of the Seafood Watch program. Maybe get the halibut instead. And when you get home, consider watching Batali: The Fall Of A Superstar Chef. This cautionary tale helps explain why restaurants everywhere are reinventing themselves these days. In policy news, last month's White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health had two important outcomes: 1) an $8 billion (billion!) allocation toward ending hunger in America by 2030, and 2) a proposal by the FDA to quantify the "healthy" claim on food products. Ambitious moves, both worth making. In other good news, French Bordeaux grapes may be better than ever this year due to climate change. Whoulda thunk it? And ICYMI, Lay's potato chips now makes more than 200 different flavors like Mexican Chicken Tomato and Pickled Fish. Food pro Carolyn Phillips profiles nearly a dozen offbeat flavors here. Now I know what to munch on during tonight's video viewing! -Dave Joachim




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