campaign for real barbecue

Photo Source: Campaign For Real Barbecue

True ‘Cue Organization Certifies Wood-Smoked BBQ As Far North As Washington DC

In 2013, the “Campaign for Real Barbecue” began certifying barbecue restaurants that cook entirely with wood or charcoal as opposed to gas or electricity. Active in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky, the Campaign recently announced its expansion into the Virginia and Washington D.C. metro area. To certify barbecue restaurants, the Campaign sends regional “Smoke Detectors” to taste barbecue in their region, talk with owners, and offer certificates and stickers to those who cook with 100% wood or charcoal. John Tanner of John Tanner’s Barbecue Blog is the Smoke Detector for the Campaign’s newest and northernmost region. Co-founded by barbecue authorities Dan Levine and John Shelton Reed, the Campaign explains all certification criteria and lists all certified barbecue restaurants on its website. Get the full story at

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