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Photo Source: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / Staff/Getty Images

Michelin Delays Latest U.S. Restaurant Guides Due To Pandemic

For many restaurateurs, achieving and maintaining Michelin stars is an honor worth working toward. Michelin-starred restaurants also attract a large volume of visitors. During the pandemic this year, the Michelin organization has tracked how many of its starred restaurants have been open at any given time. In late April, only 13% of them operating around the world. In early September, the number increased to 83%. However, in the United States, only 27 Michelin-starred restaurants are open. Unlike in some other countries where Michelin stars are nationally awarded, the U.S. Michelin guides only pertain to four major cities in the country: California, Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. Of course, these locations have all had strict lockdowns in place since last March. While Michelin inspectors have visited restaurants in each of these cities during the pandemic, many establishments are not open. As a result, a Michelin spokesperson confirmed last week that all four 2021 U.S. Michelin Guides will be delayed. “Official timing will be announced as the pandemic recovery takes shape,” said the spokesperson in a statement. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, however, Michelin inspectors have finished their work for the unreleased 2020 guide. Theoretically, a 2020 announcement of Michelin stars could still be made and a 2020 guide could still be released. Read more here at Food and Wine.

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