LEE Initiative

Photo Source: Courtesy of the LEE Initiative

James Beard Award Finalists To Receive $3,000 Grants From LEE Initiative

When the James Beard Foundation decided not to announce the winners of this year’s restaurant awards, the decision sparked controversy. The winners had already been chosen, so why not give them some good news in one of the worst years in the history of the restaurant industry? In response, the LEE Initiative has decided to award $3,000 grants to all restaurant award finalists listed by the James Beard Foundation this past May. During the pandemic the LEE Initiative, which is led by Louisville chef Edward Lee and Maker’s Mark, has helped provide widespread relief to the restaurant industry, distributing food and resources to more than 500,000 restaurant workers in 19 cities across the U.S. “While a grand celebration isn’t top priority this year,” said Lee, “we still want to honor these nominees and their work, and we hope that all of the chefs will continue their education and support of their communities and keep their restaurants alive.” Get the full story here at Nashville Scene. Or here at Full Service Restaurant magazine.

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