celebration box from Cotogna

Photo Source: Joe Weaver

How Chefs Are Adapting To Deliver The Restaurant Experience At Home

Most U.S. restaurants have not returned to their usual operations. According to the National Restaurant Association, more than 20,000 restaurants throughout the country have shuttered for good. Among the fine dining restaurants still in operation, many have tailored their services toward upscale takeout that attempts to deliver the restaurant experience at home. In Texas, Comedor restaurant found success with ticketed virtual events marketed under the name Assembly. In these “guided dining experiences,” the restaurant ships ingredients for a four-course menu to participants around the country. Guests meet on Zoom and follow the restaurant’s chefs in a cooking tutorial that results in a high-quality meal. In San Francisco, chef Michael Tusk’s Italian restaurant Cotogna offers a “Celebration Box” that allows guests to enjoy a special-occasion meal from the restaurant at home. The box includes caviar with crème fraîche, panna cotta, steak and sides, caviar tortelli, and cake along with custom placemats, a candle, and a mood-setting playlist. Read more here at Wall Street Journal.

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